Kitchen Benchtops

Marble, granite and engineered stone kitchen benchtops are our speciality and passion.  

Engineered Stone Kitchen Benchtop InstallationWe work with leading manufacturers and suppliers and specialise in designing and installing :

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Engineered Stone

We are delighted to have worked on a number of prestigious projects such as the Kitchen of the Year 2010, which was awarded to a beautiful home in the Millbrook Estate, situated outside Arrowtown in the Southern Lakes, Otago region.

We are specialised in installing all types of stone kitchen bench tops, and are well aware of the many issues around how your choice may affect design and planning before you even consider which type of stone you use.  The earlier we are involved in your project the better as our influence has prevented many expensive mistakes or surprises.


Modern kitchen with stone benchtop and islandThere are a lot of unexpected circumstances that could influence your design such as kitchen benchtop size, weight and support requirements right through to access restrictions depending on the build, and the weight and shape of the benchtop cuts.  There is nothing more disappointing that being involved in a project near then end and having to work around designs and unexpected joins, when a relatively simple change in design could have prevented the situation.

You can find out about some of these considerations in our advice page.  We also have experience in designing and installing commercial benchtops in places such as vineyards, reception areas and bars, pubs and clubs.

It’s never to early to contact us – on some projects we are involved in pre-build design, then several months pass before the installation, so please feel free to call us to discuss your requirements using the number below today.

Kitchen Of The Year Stone Benchtop, Millbrook, Queenstown