Fire Surrounds

Hand crafted stone fire surrounds add that elegance to your living areas, whether indoor or outside.

Modern Stone Fire Surround - Full Wall Fireplace and HearthWe can even help you bring that outdoors feeling inside by using fireplace styles such as the ones shown on this page.  There are more guidelines and restrictions around stone fire surrounds for health and safety.  Some of these are fixed requirements, and some will depend on the type of fire you are installing such as ventilations clearances required by manufacturers.

A fireplace is usually quite a high use area so it’s important you are selecting the right type of stone, or engineered stone to cope with wear and tear, and natural elements such as smoke and flames.  Some more information can be found on this on our advice page.

Stone Fireplace Surround, House of the Year 2010, Millbrook, QueenstownAs you can see we have installed numerous styles of stone and engineered stone fire surround, so please call us for advice on your project today.

Stone Fire Surround